Shifting from degenerative to regenerative value creation, inspired by nature

Nature has been dealing with dynamic change for 3.8 billion years and is constantly perfecting approaches for survival & resilience. But nature’s selection environment is extremely tough. It is estimated that over the history of the Earth, 99.9% of all nature’s innovations went extinct. Biologists are now uncovering the keys to success of the 0.1% that withstood generations of change and disruption. And the clue is regenerative value creation: creating conditions beneficial to life. It is about adding more value than we extract. Many organisms, tiny to massive, have figured out how to continuously upgrade their environment and thrive as a result. There is no reason, we cannot do this too. But it will require us to reinvent the way we innovate and look to nature as a mentor, model and measure.
We at ACG aim and work closely with our R&D team to re-invent every single module of our production. We are reinventing our production as part of Reinventing Nature.




Back to the deserts values

For years the desert has carved in our minds the skills & values that took for our people to thrive, turning this desert into one of the world’s greatest civilizations. A long with an unmistakable tan & a pleasant smile that marks the faces of the sun, we were brought up with a rich legacy built on the pillars of deep respect to the values of the desert and the scarcity of resources specially the most valuable among them WATER!
Water scarcity is a worldwide challenge, at ACG we commit to minimizing water consumption in every detail & aspect of our process, A commitment that spreads & impacts the concept of our ingredients, providing all the wellness & nutrition from a preparation with a minimal amount of water.

Celebrating 30 years of success

Celebrating 30 years of success, with a rich legacy & an eye towards the future, renewing our commitment towards better nutrition & well being of our people & surroundings.

Our multi-culture blend flavor people and emotions

The emotions that bind people together across the regions of our activities in the Middle-east, Africa & Europe represent the core of our belief that cultural fusions are the essence of our progress. A progress inspired by a profound respect for people, cultures & emotions.
At ACG we represent something much greater than a world class ingredients’ producer.


Cairo Office

52 Nozha Street Heliopolis Cairo-Egypt

Giza Plant

6th of October , Giza Governorate
Sixth industrial zone , plot 323 -325

Ware House

Inshas industrial 13th zone, plot 15-16
west of Obour City, Cairo Belbis Road, sharqia

"Reinventing Nature"