SD Spices

The availability of some spices in a convenient form for use can be a challenge. Chili, Bay Laurel & Cardamom are very good examples of flavors that can be a challenge for producers to work with specially when the application requires a very concentrated taste profile & no tolerance for liquid phase flavors, this is the predominant issue for many food applications that require intensive use of spices
A Whole new concept of spice powders, in which a very fine balance of natural oils and resins of a spice are carefully emulsified and encapsulated to form an exquisite natural spice powder with exceptional physical features and elevated potency, exceeding the sensory effect of a ground spice
We created a Natural spice flavoring range with authentic taste & scent. This range is applicable in any food system, providing a brilliant solution of cost effectiveness & avoiding traditional grinded spices inconveniences.
The superiority of our range is demonstrated clearly in the adding dose of these spice extracts against the conventional matching ground spice, also by a simple comparison of risk control parameters of ground spices against our extracts

Less But More

Ounce to ounce our spice extracts has triple the sensory effect of their conventional ground match

Authentic & Unique

Many impurities in conventional spices are impacting the authentic taste profile, this is usually connected to extreme measures taken by producers to guarantee a minimum preservation of the taste at the precious cost of fresh grinding, Consider our signature Black & white Pepper Extracts where the effect of encapsulation is clearly demonstrated in the consistency of the taste profile preserving the rich & authentic flavor of fresh pepper, what makes these peppers truly unique is that they would always have the pleasant profile of fresh peppers thanks to the brilliant technology used to transform them

Minimize Risk Maximize Taste

Physical features of our extracts are setting new standards for spices, simply neutralizing the notorious threats of microbial activities, seasonal effects, foreign bodies’ contaminations & extreme shelf instability

"Reinventing Nature"