Smoke & Cooking Method Flavors

A refined smoke condensate created from a 100% natural process using only wood, heat, water and filtration. It’s that simple. Condensed Natural Smoke can be applied to products in a variety of ways: atomization, drenching, direct injection, vacuum marinating, smoked nets, coated casings, spray systems and dry topical coatings
No chemicals or artificial ingredients for a healthier, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood burning. Better consistency of smoke color and flavor in addition to higher cook yields and product output. Deep understanding of smoking woods flavors & color/skin functions allows us to provide & consult a wide range of woods hickory, maple, oak, apple, cherry, mesquite and pecan. A certain romance of flavors happens when food is cooked over an open flame, the magic of the genuine charring profile that is achieved when food is cooked over intense heat, the infinite pleasure that feeds your patience as you roast on a slow fire to grab the missing taste in your favorite meal when over cooked, the gift of fire & how its touch affects the taste of our food, we provide this magic.
Cooking methods flavor: Grilled, Charred and Sautéed & so on

"Reinventing Nature"