Cheese Powders

Offering a unique combination of taste & functionality, cheese powder is an ideal ingredient in virtually any food system. Using 100% Natural ingredients, our range of carefully selected raw materials ensures that we are offering a range of cheese powders meeting the expectations of consumers & producers
The fine features of our cheese powders will contribute to the richness of your product, made from the finest fresh cheese preparations, specially selected for our range they provide a balanced taste of cheese along with the different profiles that cover a wide selection of flavors, our cheese powders are designed to fit into the finest food applications that require an enhanced & natural cheese flavor without the use of any chemical flavoring ingredient.

Nutrition At Its Best

Richness in Fat & protein contents insures more added values to your product & better functionality in different preparations along with the contribution in nutritive values of your product. Our cheese powder is the natural & safe choice that provides an enhanced flavor without the use of any aromatic chemicals or artificial flavor enhancers.

A Tradition Of Taste

Engraved in the rich traditions of our region, cheese & its preparations has ever represented an authentic flavor of our cuisine, whether it’s a garlic dip with an aged Romano cheese flavor or a delicious oriental Tajin with Italian hard cheese taste, our Cheese powders are produced from signature cheese preparations that reflect the authentic profile of our rich traditions & the modern fusions with worldwide food cultures.

"Reinventing Nature"