Our Idea of Fantastic

Tomato & basil, Two of the most wonderful & distinctive blends of nature, the true fascination of ts flavor fusion cab be achieved by a simple mix of our tomato & basil powders, the flavor of this blend is the unique product of blending those fine natural encapsulated flavor


Nature is our main & only source of solutions and so, sustainability is a matter we take very seriously. Our ingredients are designed to save resources & provide a utilized form of natural ingredients that is convenient to use in addition to convenience of use we are committed to producing natural ingredients designed to minimize waste during their production, usage and consumption.
Our R&D is never satisfied & our quest for knowledge as we think will never be enough, everyday brilliant ideas are being transformed into unique ingredients offering the best nature has to offer in forms that provides convenience of use & guarantees reliable availability and affordability. Our knowledge of complex processing techniques is growing everyday with new innovations & with our continuous hunt for better.
Our knowledge of processed foods & our development criteria allows us to introduce unprecedented solutions, solving difficulties, introducing various flavors as well as nutritive values to your product.

The Brilliance of Simplicity

"Reinventing Nature"