Established in 1987, ACG began as a trade house specialized in sales & Distribution of food additives & ingredients. Along the years, ACG acquired valuable sourcing & distribution experience for food ingredients, developed an efficient network & infrastructure serving various food industries

Ingredient's Pioneer

A pioneer in the ingredients’ market with unmatched contributions in concepts’ developments helping producers adapt to new technologies & possibilities, all in the favor of improving the foods we consume & enhance our everyday experience with nutrition

Committed to research

Committed to continuous research for providing natural sensory & functional solutions, as a sustainable source for all food applications

Providing latest & finest ingredients

In a very dynamic world with cultural fusions taking place on a daily basis & consumers becoming highly aware of health threats acquainted with processed foods development, it has become our duty to provide the latest & the finest ingredients for our partners

A Wide range of industries

ACG serves a wide range of industries including seasoning & flavor, Meat/Chicken/fish processing, Sauces & condiments, Confectionary, Processed Cheese, Bakery, Catering & food service

Outstanding knowledge

At ACG we combine an outstanding knowledge of food science, the best industrial practice and raw materials carefully selected to create, source & produce unique taste, superior quality & value adding ingredients for your products

Taking care of production inputs

We take great care of our production inputs. A unique raw materials’ sourcing policy and a wide network of international partners have provided the availability of one of the richest solutions shelves in the region. An efficient logistics support system that operates around the hour to assure the best service is provided for our partners. A well-established network of distributors & trade partners also provides stability & continuous innovation for our customers worldwide

Future always in mind

A company with future always in mind, our expansion plans are in place for an integrated system of cropping, extraction & processing. As one of the fastest growing companies in the field we aim to be the biggest ingredients’ provider from our home land and into the world, with plans of introducing the first integrated extraction & encapsulation unit in the region with capabilities that will place Egypt as one of the world’s recognized ingredients’ suppliers

Deep understanding of our market

Deep understanding of our market provides the know-how to realize the tools for our customers, to let them utilize our great knowledge of ingredients, help them seek better nutrition & taste experience with their products

Innovation is the key

Innovation is the key behind our continuous progress, our rich range of raw materials is constantly being enhanced with the latest innovations, our team of technical experts works continuously to come up with the finest nature has to give. We work closely with our customers on their applications & we are able through a well structured global network to provide solutions beyond expectations

As a world class producer , we adopt the finest food processing standards. We respect our surrounding & our Environment making sure that Mother Nature -that represents our main source of solutions & ingredients- is in the center of our attention to better sustain & preserve its gifts

"Reinventing Nature"